iTOi For 6 months, I worked on the iTOi (eye to eye) brand developing their startup’s voice in the digital video space. I started by pulling out the brand color and font front and center. Big, Bold, and Bright. After that, I stripped their packaging, brochures, and presentations and put them on white to make …

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GretchYo Services Rendered​ Brand Identity, Print Brand Identity Projects: Spark Creative Brand Identity NodeEra Software Brand Identity, Digital Dead Armadillo Brewery Brand Identity, Package, Print

Tulsa Area Voter Guide

Tulsa Voter Guide Tulsa’s Voter Guide needed a face and font lift. We took the old format and threw it out the window, applied a new grid system and paired all of it with bigger photos, better fonts and a new cover featuring the Tulsa flag.  Services Rendered​ Print Design Designers Valentín EsparzaCarlos Moreno Previous …

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AALEXISNEWTONN Alexis Newton is the incredibly talented photographer we partner with. She came to use with a need for a brand identity; something that wasn’t just a camera and a couple of type placements.  Our idea for the AANN logo came from working with her in the studio. You see, Alexis could shoot for days …

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Kolibri Ale Works

Kolibri Ale Works Kolibri came to us with a request to design some amazing beer labels. We enlisted the help of the amazing Jordan Hunter to lend a helping hand.  He laid the foundation to what is still one of our favorite projects to date. The breakfast stout is something straight out of the 90s …

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Chad Renfro Design

Chad Renfro Design Services Rendered​ Print Design  SEE THE MAGAZINE Digital Projects Sonia Khan Tutoring Digital FIG – Website Digital Poppi’s Urban Spa Digital

Hillman’s Garage

Hillman’s Garage Born out of coincidences and serendipity, Hillman’s Garage was the result of 14 people coming together to create art, get drunk and dance.  Hillman’s Garage was a venue, practice space, storage container sorting facility, screen printing shop, sewing studio and so much more. As my personal studio, I wanted Hillman’s Garage to have …

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Neaderthal Moto

Neanderthal Moto Neanderthal Moto is a bunch of dirt worshipping, knuckle dragging bikers who want nothing more than to promote righteous living and being rad.  We wanted to give them an identity that reflected that. Balancing the perfect amount of gritty finishes with sophisticated silhouettes, we gave this group of neanderthals an identity that can …

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