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Merch Jar

Merch Jar Merch Jar is a web app that serves that print on demand industry, targeting the Merch by Amazon platform. Merch Jar’s purpose is to automate the amazon ads on the Amazon Advertising platform.  Services Rendered​ Brand Identity  Brand Identity Projects: Outward Cartography Brand Identity TUYO Brand Identity NodeEra Software Brand Identity, Digital

NodeEra Software

NodeEra Software John Singer came to us with his new node software. His request was simple – make it about nodes and make it beach themed.  This logo came from me making letters out of nodes and then interconnecting the letters like nodes connect information. The gradient was inspired by the photo above by Ishan …

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TELL US YOUR OPINION Our goal was to create a logo that was reflective and inclusive of the diverse pool of participants for an equally diverse group of companies seeking opinions for market research. This logo conveys a round table discussion – a symbol of research. The gradient represents discussion and research leading to enlightened …

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AALEXIS NEWTONN Services Rendered​ Digital See full screen >> See full screen >> See full screen >> See full screen >> Digital Projects NodeEra Software Brand Identity, Digital FIG – Website Digital Pie Hole Pizzeria Digital

Double Up Oklahoma

Double Up Oklahoma Double Up Oklahoma provides half off of vegetables and fruits to SNAP recipients. We were honored to design their website from the ground, starting with the UX.  Services Rendered​ User Experience Design User Interface Design  With User Experience Design User Interface Design  User Experience Map Homepage helps answer all questions immediately. We created a …

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GretchYo Services Rendered​ Brand Identity, Print Brand Identity Projects: Spark Creative Brand Identity NodeEra Software Brand Identity, Digital Dead Armadillo Brewery Brand Identity, Package, Print

Tulsa Area Voter Guide

Tulsa Voter Guide Tulsa’s Voter Guide needed a face and font lift. We took the old format and threw it out the window, applied a new grid system and paired all of it with bigger photos, better fonts and a new cover featuring the Tulsa flag.  Services Rendered​ Print Design Designers Valentín EsparzaCarlos Moreno Previous …

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AALEXISNEWTONN Alexis Newton is the incredibly talented photographer we partner with. She came to use with a need for a brand identity; something that wasn’t just a camera and a couple of type placements.  Our idea for the AANN logo came from working with her in the studio. You see, Alexis could shoot for days …

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Outward Cartography

Outward Cartography Curtis Singer came to us for a logo for his custom map engraving business. His goal was to help people create engraved map gifts inspired by shared experiences.  Outward Cartography’s logo symbolizes life experiences washing over eyes and layering over time – these are the experiences that make a person who they are. …

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