Mochila | \ mōˈchēlə\


Spanish word for ‘backpack’

In Mexico, mochila is a way of life – a way to find yourself and your purpose in life by hitting the open road. That’s exactly how Mochila was born – on a 3,000 mile journey that explored the South West and ended in Dallas, TX where the foundation was laid.

Mochila is a creative firm. Our work encompasses brand identities, digital design and development, print and packaging, and photography.

We are composed of individual teams with various disciplines.
Our commitment is derived from a serious love of art and design – we not only love the creative work behind each project, but also the thought and reasoning behind each decision.

Valentin Esparza

Graphic Designer

Valentín Esparza began his career as a printer and designer at the age of 19, when he launched T~TownTeez, a t-shirt line featuring all things T-Town. He joined Hillman’s Garage, an artist collective, in 2013 where he spent his last few years as a printer before transitioning to a full time graphic designer and hitting the road in search of a new life while working remotely.

Esparza is a multi-faceted designer whose work encompasses brand identity, digital spaces, packaging, and print design across a myriad of industries.

Projects have included Dead Armadillo, Stash, Soundpony, Elote, Heyd Fontenot, AALEXIS NEWTONN Photography, Andolini’s Pizzeria, Living Arts, Double Up Oklahoma, Ironworkers Local 584, Outward Cartography, NodeEra, Tell Us Your Opinion and Voy.

Jack Wrangler is his outlaw name.